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Dune tray

Ordinarie pris
300 kr
Ordinarie pris
300 kr

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A tray for nice things 


If you want a specific color please let us know.

We designed Dune with inspiration from beaches and deserts. How the wind and water shapes the sand in wonderful repetitive patterns. Designed and 3d-printed by us. We used the 3d-print as an original to create a mold. In the mold we cast the final product in Jesmonite. Afterwards we sand down some hard edges and add a thin layer of coating.

Eco-friendly and handmade housewares by us. We make unique pieces in a material that is durable and light called Jesmonite. The beauty of the process in making our items is in its imperfections and irregularities in colors and form. The pattern, density, color variation and surface finish will never be exactly the same.

Only one exist of each.

↔  10 cm | ↔ 8 cm