Our Story

The people behind Aeroteket is Erika and Pontus, a swedish couple with a big interest in plants but not so much green fingers. They first discovered air plants on holidays abroad and got fascinated by the fact that they live off particles in the air and comes in all shapes and forms. Back home in Sweden they started to look around for them but could not find them anywhere so they decided to spread the air plant love themselves.

Aeroteket has been serving airplants since 2015. From 2019 we have broaden our range of products to also include apparel, body care and interior decoration. All with self reflection, nature and harmony as a common ground.

We believe that change must start with one self. As soon as you start loving yourself, the world will become a little better for everyone. Lagom is a Swedish word we appreciate. Lagom means not too much and not too little, just about perfect. Take only as much as you give to create balance. Lagom is what we strive for.

Please contact us at shop@aeroteket.com if you have any questions or would like to order something we currently don´t have on display in our web shop!